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Do you require representation?
If you are reading this section, then you most likely have a need for representation. As a manufacturer or wholesaler, you know your time is best suited to the core function of your business and that is production. You do not have to be a large concern, FLAG has helped many start-up businesses bring their products to market.

Why should you be represented?

It is our experience that playing a dual role of producer and seller are fraught with problems, especially if you attempt to span an area such as the Western and Eastern Cape. Sales take you away from production and production takes you away from sales.

This is where the Fine Line Agencies Group comes in and acts as your sales force without you having to pay a salary. FLAG
only works on commissionable amount of the sale, has it's own transport, own world class ordering systems. FLAGSA is technologically advanced to produce orders in the same production codes as you require. No manual order taken on pieces of paper - just crystal clear computerised orders with all the customers details.

Our Systems

Our systems store order records for up to 50 years, we know the customers top sellers - order frequency and repeat "last order" is a blast.

We deliver the orders to you either as email attachments or via our faxserver. You will not have to decipher a persons handwriting ever again.


Monthly, we require a statement of sales and in return we will submit a tax invoice for paid amount paid to us.

You may elect to pay on a set date each month or submit payment either on the customer order or customer invoice. These terms are negotiated and written into the eventual contract. Please consult the notes on the URS2 document regarding payment, taxes and levies.

Minimum percentage payable is between 15-20% and is set as a fee. depending on the type range.
FLAGSA reviews new products once a week only so there will be a delay before replying if the range is successful.

What are the requirements in order to be considered?
In order for FLAG to consider representation of any product range, the following steps will enable us to make an assessment of the range.


Email or attachment to the email content outlining the product range.
The communication must have the following:

The writers name, contact details
Company or enterprise name
A description of the product range
A price list
Pictures of the range ( a few only - compressed for web) or indicate whether you have a web site so we may view pictures. Later we may ask you to provide higher resolution pictures.
Areas in which FLAG is allowed to represent your products.

Our email address: Email enquiries


We will evaluate the product to see if it fits in our mix of products. We will then contact you either telephonically or in writing. We may require further information or begin the formalisation process.


Formalisation process consists of the following elements:

Completion of URS document (this document is an information gathering tool regarding your business and products.
Notation of payment details and notes, please ensure your accountant is informed of the notation attached to the payment details.
Completion of a contract, if you do not have a contract, FLAG will provide a generic contract that you may modify.
Completion of non-circumvention agreement.
Set of samples and catalogue.
Full set of pictures for placement on our website, If pictures are not of required standard, FLAGSA will take photographs of your range for web purposes if your pictures are sub standard.
A list of house customers which you do not want us to call on, in delegated area

Start-up enterprises

If you have a small business and have just started up production, require guidance, give us a call on 022 45
1-2080. Our job is to promote locally made products that are of high quality - specifically designed for the curio, gift or tourist market. FLAGSA has moved away from imported products to locally manufactured products. 98% of the products represented are locally produced or from the African Economic Zone. All products displayed on our website carry place of origin logo. All products must meet our certification criteria to be endorsed by us.


Product must be manufactured in South Africa. Assembly of products that are manufactured outside RSA carry a different classification. i.e. T shirts made in China and printed on in RSA will be classified as Chinese not South African. We are strict on this matter and require proof of production, name of mill etc.

Where raw materials and technologies are not available in RSA and component is imported and exceeds 25% of total components, the products will be marked accordingly.

Reason: It is becoming standard for the retailers we deal with to give a product history, their customers are demanding a South African made products. In addition they are requiring the BBEEE status of the supplier, consult us about your status.

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