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The Protection of Personal Information Act forms an intregal part of the Fine LIne Agencies Group, "Terms and Conditions" of usage of this site, business operations and dealings both web based and physical data.

Herein stated;

We are actively working on our POPI plan and implementation with regard to the following:

  • Local data (HOURLY/DAILYWEEKLY/MONTHLY to 2 Terrabit churn = 6 Months, encrypted DataVault DOD grade)

  • Data cross border data (FRAMEWORK DOCUMENT)

  • Cloud contacts and data, storage by our ISP/Selves and Apple Inc (DATA CLEAN-IP AND VALIDATION)

  • 50 diverse suppliers whom we pass user data onto upstream/downstream communications (transactional)

  • Securing data locally, via email encryption, PDF 128 Bit encryption, general comms (POLICY/PURGE)

  • Disposing of data locally, process and procedures (FRAMEWORK INITIAL)

  • Data vaulting for SARS information 5 years (IMPLENTED DOD LEVEL VAULTING AND ENCRYPTION LOCAL)

  • Framework for securing data cross border and disposing of data (FRAMEWORK POLICY)

  • Data collection and data removal (PROCESS OF SCRUBBING DATA PART 1 REMOVAL OLD)


  • Internal terminals and external devices accessing the cloud (POLICY STATEMENT/AUDIT OF DEVICES)

  • Access to information by our suppliers written undertaking of compliance with POPI Act

  • Requests by State or empowered body to certain information policy/policy of Apple Inc and privacy and Afrihost (OBTAINED PRIVACY STATEMENTS FROM APPLE INC AND Afrihost


  • Uniforum data provided to third parties (AWAITING REPLY FROM ZACR NP)

  • Unauthorised SEO listings (ISSUED NOTICES FOR REMOVAL AND DCMA from Santa Monica office)

  • Unauthorised directory listings (ISSUED NOTICES FOR REMOVAL AND DCMA from Santa Monica office)

  • External removal of information, policy and changes to Terms and conditions (ONGOING)

  • Use of signed certificates and registered use of Cerificate Authority, "Micronet" (IMPLEMENTED)

  • Reregistration of customers after completion of new access forms in line with POPI (COMPLETED)

  • Unathorised use of data by an external party relating to Fine Line Agencies Group as a private person

  • Internal training regarding POPI, workshops and audits, data scrubbing, data purging, data vaulting (BEGUN)

  • invoking disallowed bots (robots.txt) that may attempt to draw data i.e. China Web 3899, America Alexa, America Docstock (AUDITED/ISSUED NOTICES TO OFFENDING PARTIES) Completed

  • Convert all manuals, all internal documentation available on the web to protected Copyright marked, no editable and password protected documents (IN PROCESS)

  • addressing and updating all virus protection, vulnerabilities that are known in OS X and Microsoft (AUDITED)

  • Plan policy for addressing USB drives, sticks and portable storage. (IMPLEMENTED)

  • Plan Policy for Dropbox use and audit (AUDITED)

  • Opt in and opt out option for marketing and contact all/some/in or out (IMPLEMENTED)

  • Lock down which bots can visit website via Robots.txt (IMPLEMENTED)

  • Lock out countries which can access the website to exclude, China, India, Russia, Romania etc (PLANNING PHASE - .HTACCESS)

  • Lock out proxies (INVESTIGATING)

  • increase number of mailboxes business is for business, private is for private and introduce policy (IMPLEMENTED)

  • Discontinuance of Microsoft Office 365, software on iPads, iPhones PC's and Macs or 50/50 (MIGRATION TO MAC/OSX)

Currently we have an 8 page outline and a 70+ page implementation plan
Date of Statement 28/10/2014 and this page is a working point document, amended 2016/03/24

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