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welcome to the ordering tutorial, it will assist you if you are unfamiliar with the ordering on this system.

  • Our prices are the same as the supplier - there are no add-ons, we are their representative agents

The cost of printing has rocketed, printing kills trees! Sending data files which are compressed (zipped) are too complex for most of our customers. We have been working together with a German based company to provide a web solution which meets the needs of both imparting data and collecting orders. The major difficulty is that each supplier produces their price lists in different formats, different options which makes providing an order system a nightmare without it being complex for the customer
The ordering module has been designed to carousel after you have selected a particular product, naturally e-ordering is unlike standard shopping for a CD. It may involve in the case of T-shirts, different colours, different sizes and different designs. The carousel known as the continuous ordering cycle keeps you on the same spot to place orders for styles and sizes. upon placing the item in the cart you are brought back to the same spot to place i.e. the next size or colour. Each ordering frame has a choose another product option to break out of the carousel whilst keeping your shopping cart populated with the last item selected. This means you can bounce around the entire site ordering and placiing in your shopping cart.

When you have completed your order placement for goods, you can begin the checkout phase by stating the payment method account or COD or utilising a credit note. You are also able to select the shipping method. Pressing the next option. This will take you to the checkout area in which you state who you are and where you want it delivered. Accept the T&C's and you will be issued a order number which is unique to us. Now you can access your mail and get both the confirmation and complete list of what you have ordered.

Should any item be out of stock or the price has changed, you will be informed. The suppliers have undertaken to given us a minimum of one months notice of change of pricing in order for us to make changes before you order.

First each customer must register. Registration is not an account application - it is to allow you into the ordering area. The ordering area has to be secured to prohibit non shops from attempting to order. Therefore your username and password are unique to you. Large volume customers also have their own pages within our system that carry a list of suppliers whom they purchase from.
The right hand log-in column on the home page takes them to their special secured pages. Passwords can be changed only by us, so if you loose your password you simply drop us a line on the log-in page and we will issue you, your selected password or even change it on your request. Changing passwords can take anywhere between 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the update submitted.

Is your username and password safe? Yes it is safe - we are not doing banking or payment options through banks on this system. As long as you keep your password safe, it will be safe. Remember if you have saved your password in your browser and have your PC serviced - you may be at risk. Simply ask us to deactivate your password and reactivate it when you are back. We will always suggest  a new password.


Existing customers
If our agent visits you and you are a regular customer, then no credit application is required. If you have not previously ordered African Impressions, Hooligans or Worx of Africa then you will need to complete their unique credit applications.

New customers
New customers will have to complete one credit application form - which is generic for most of the products except  Hooligans and Worx of Africa and Zawadi, they will require a seperate application form to be completed for their ranges.

Brand New Customers - First time buyers
Initial purchases will be Cash on Despatch by the supplier unless you already have an account with them. After your initial COD purchase then an application form can be completed as the paragraphs above. Please note FLAGSA does not grant credit. We facilitate, provide the service. A supplier determines if your business is credit worthy through various means. Should a supplier inform us at any stage of unpaid accounts longer than their terms, the access will be blocked to this site for all suppliers until accounts are settled. Our suppliers provide us with monthly account reports.

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