Mission Statement - F.L.A.G. African Curio, Gift and Souvenir Suppliers, African Wholesaler representatives of handmade crafts

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About us


Our goal is to be a "model" agency entrepreneurship basing our enterprise on sound business principles. Enhanced customer and supplier satisfaction.

By doing so, retain and grow our customer base. Seeking ranges that sell to our customers. Providing our suppliers with excellent sales and in the process growing three businesses:

1. Agency
2. Customers
3. Suppliers

Our Logo, Crossed laurels depicting the joining of, "promise and success".

To expand the operation by implementing business systems, reducing administrative tasks and freeing up human capital to generate income. Seek and explore new business opportunities such as customers, areas and ranges. To create enablers for suppliers, customers to facilitate purchasing via web. To supply a one stop shop and 24*7 access to information.

Core Values
Honesty, integrity and willingness are our core values, tempered with competitiveness, timeousness, good governance and ethics in our dealings with customers, suppliers and State. Believing in choice and competitiveness of products, these are key to our success. We take seriously our customers right to privacy, believing it is their personal data we are entrusted with and that due care and attention is practiced to ensure absolute privacy and security.

The vision, mission and core value statements are applicable to: Fine Line Agencies Group.

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