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ISO9001 Certified Customers
Many of our larger customers are ISO9001 certified and to this effect we comply with all aspects of their audit and requirements.
Furthermore all principal suppliers comply in order to trade with them. A prime example is Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company (TMACC), we act as the interface to all our suppliers and them to ensure checks are conducted and annual forms completed  by suppliers.

Environmental Certification
Further to this many suppliers are seeking green certification and in turn the suppliers have to complete forms stating that their products do not contain harmful contaminants,  were produced in the greenest way possible. We interface and collect data from suppliers to populate their certification requests.

BBEEE Compliancy
BBEEE compliancy is not just another gimmic. If you wish to trade with a number of our larger Principal suppliers, you will have to follow the BBBEE guidelines, they are not difficult and easy to understand. Without your BEE status you will not be able  to trade with them. Annually you have to submit your scorecard or if below R1 million PA turnover then a letter from your accountant stating you are under that threshold and in that case a letter stating you are a level 4.

Legal Compliance
We take our partnership with the State seriously, in as much as the state attempts to provide checks and balances through legislation. From South African Revenue Services  to Department of Trade and Industry, from DTI to Public Access to Information Act, From PAIA to ECT, the Electronic Communication and Transactions Act. Here we can assure our Principals and Customers that we are complaint and will inform them whenever  new legislation affects our or their operations.

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